sexta-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2014

Patria Nihil Est Monastica Promo Video AtramC069

Patria Nihil Est Monastica

13 Songs of Pure Brazilian Black Metal!

1. Nihil Est Monastica 
2. Conquering Death's Palace 
3. Dark Cosmic Legend 
4. Nyctophilia 
5. Ravens Almighty 
6. Altar 
7. Sacro Vale dos Encantos 
8. Ascendent of Darkness 
9. Evoking the Ancient Spirits 
10. Storm Before Eternity 
11. Till Death 
12. The Silence of the Thrones 
13. Black Vomit (Sarcófago cover)*

100 Hand Numbered Copies! 
6$ + 3$ Shipping Worldwide!

PATRIA is a Black Metal band formed in 2008 by Mantus [All instruments] and Triumphsword [Vocals], veteran musicians from the old brazilian Black Metal bands Mysteriis and Thorns of Evil. In its live line-up brings also members from well-known brazilian bands like Tiwaz and Dark Celebration.

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