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Isolating the Throne - Zack Simmons - Goatwhore - Forever Consumed Oblivion

Isolating the Throne - Zack Simmons - Goatwhore - Forever Consumed Oblivion

Sick Drummer Magazine is excited and happy to introduce this new feature, "Isolating The Throne - A Collection of Raw Drum Tracks." There is so much technology available today, musicians can basically record a full album from the comfort of their own bedroom or other space in their home or office. While the advancement in technology is amazing, we feel it has not come without repercussion or compromise. Some recordings are done with no kick drums, some with electronic drums and some with no drums at all. Tom and cymbal tracks are isolated sometimes and recorded on their own, after the full kit has been laid down. Triggers and software allows for any piece of a drum track or music in general to be sampled, replaced, quantized and corrected to be in perfect time. Again, while the capabilities are exciting, they could also be providing a crutch (or easy fix) for not having to be your best on tracking day. 

Listening to most metal records these days has become less exciting and a bit disingenuous, as most of what we hear is not really what happened in the studio and that's disappointing. We are huge fans of organic sounds, proper microphone technique/placement and overall learning your parts perfectly, before going into a studio.

This gave us the idea to approach a bunch of drummers we have featured at one point or another and ask them to send us some raw, pre-effect, no-sample drum tracks. We want young drummers to really listen to this stuff and let it sink in! Practice, practice, practice your parts. Getting on stage and not being able to play what was produced is quickly going out of style and not lending any hand in your drumming or band experiencing any type of longevity.

This very first isolated track "Forever Consumed Oblivion" is from Goatwhore's September 2006 release 'A Haunting Curse.' This 3rd full-length from the band was recorded and produced by Erik Rutan and Mana Studios, Florida, and went on to receive airplay on MTV2's Headbangers Ball. Thanks a lot to Zack Simmons for being the first one to send us a track! You're a legend... 

We want to thank all the guys who are into this idea and will be sending us raw tracks in the coming, days, weeks and months. 

If you have some you would like featured and added to our (soon to be) library of isolated tracks, just send us an email (copy[at] and we'll see what we can do.

Bookmark this page and check back for more Isolated Tracks that will be added regularly: 

Photo credit: Nathaniel Shannon 2012

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