domingo, 2 de março de 2014

RAPHEUMETS WELL - At the mantle of the Gods

First song of the self produced album Dimensions coming in 2014. Rapheumets well is a symphonic metal act from Hickory N.C. Please visit our Facebook is you like what you hear!

The Mantle of the Gods
(The great Deceiver)

-Soyumoth (the eldest sentinel) has been forging his armies or perdition. After ravaging the outer planets, engaging in the unnatural bio-genesis of the "Serpent Giants" his eyes were fixed upon the mantle of the gods the nexus of the life stream. 

-As he approached, none of the sentinels would realize the scale of his armada. His armies would distract the loyal sentinels and Soyumoth would emerge unto the nexus of heaven. Unknown to the high counsel, that among the ranks were those who betrayed the order of life. Sentinels turned on each other. The apex of the stream, the cosmic singularity was upon the hands of the deceiver. There he nelt upon the nexus, and the waters of life was ever so enticing. Putting his hand into the water, he felt the tangible infinite. And the spirit called unto him and the lamentations of the high spirit surged through Soyumoth. The sorrows of his creator distracted the great deceiver for merely a second. This provided the elder sentinels a strategic opportunity to attack. Led by Sainath Navriel (the High Sentinel) the elders converged upon the mantle, over taking the deceiver. Being that Soyumoth drunk from the life stream no death could fall upon him. The rebellious follows of Soymoth was amassed and they, along with the great deceiver, was cast from the firmament of heaven. 

-In the strangest regions of the cosmos, beyond the the limits of light, a place where no life thrives; this is where the great deceiver would be imprisoned.

The Mantle of the Gods

The Fall, of empires old
Unravel, the secrets of the sun
Unleash the titans, bring forth the burning flood
Thy voice be heard, Burn the tribunal

Upon the mantle, the origin of all
Sat the nexus, the river of the gods
And behold, the architect descends
Giving birth to the heavens

Fear, swallow the light 
The consternation, The shadow of Damnation
Grant me... the crown to the Elysium
As I drink from the sea of creation 

Enslave, the kings of righteous worlds
Those whom fallen beneath the firmament
Deny, those whom serves

.....the mantle of the gods

Amass, the arbiters of An
Converge upon the divine abode
The accursed drinks from the sea of Elysium

Let the tribune burn in embers
Oh deceiver, how far ye have fallen

Beyond the limits of time
Into the void, where no life thrives

let the tribune tear my flesh
And anoint the eternal plague

Grant me... the crown to the Elysium

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