quinta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2014

Ulcerate - Caecus


For some month, I'm really into Ulcerate music for one reason : it really express a strong and fascinating feeling : the dread, the fright. Their music is not fundamentally technical because it purpose is artistic : for example, here the fast drumming is perfectly well used to serve the music. If the playing were slow, it would have given something melancholic, something romantic. But the fast drumming is catching us exactly as the dread can catch us : when I'm listening to Ulcerate, I'm like paralyzed with fright : something is coming from everywhere. This is not like the fear, because you are always afraid of something ; even if you don't know the thing, there is a precise thing that afraid you and that is coming. But when you feel the dread, the whole world appears differently : if usually we just act in the world and in our environment without to think about it, this time the world become glaring. It is no more the everyday world, the world of everybody, but it become our world, the one that bring us back to our inevitable death. To conclude, this music is for me unveiling what Heidegger was unveiling in "Sein Und Zeit" : I don't mean that here the music is just the illustration of a philosophical thought, but it unveil independently the same thing from an other way.

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