quarta-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2014

BODE PRETO - The Erection of the Cross (Official Video)

Bode Preto
Album: Inverted Blood
Song: The Erection of the Cross 
Camera: Erick Miranda and Rog666

You keep in silence while carrying your cross 
Who are you to live and to talk about love? 
The forces I feel but your GOD I deny 

The cross is prepared in front of your eyes 
PENETRATE your flesh with the nails from the past 
Do you feel the love as you die like the worst? 
Cruelty with delight I am the son of the night 

Unbearable abyss that from us you are divided 
Innocence was lost and I know what I do 
Relentless we are on the total destruction of you 

Where are your friends, your so-called brothers? 
What now remain is the women and your mother 
Why are they loyal and stand till the end? 
I see that you sinner were copulating with them 


You deserve now total humiliation 
In front of their eyes your material damnation 

Sinner! You King of the Kings! 

You keep in silence 
Forsaken by your father 
Make us believe that you are the one 
You! King of nothing 


This is our world there's no place for you 
If you came to save us, I command you to do 
No miracle I see in your nightmare in blood 
You must cry out the agony of the doomed 
Scream like a PIG scream in your time to succumb

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